Jul 15 12 12:16 PM

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Was in London 2 weeks ago doing the usual 4 days with my family; I have to say I was pretty impressed with the quality of the clobber over there now. If you had the money and not a poor student like me then you would clean up.

I nabbed a nice smedley in the Burlington Arcade (oh la la I hear you say in posh oul mayfair) but it was half price. All smedleys were half price as were other cashmere cardigans and V necks etc. Some lovely gear in there and some great sales on.

I had a wander around St. James and Mayfair (to be honest I was following Weller's footsteps around London as he does in the great doc "Find the Torch, Burn the Plans"), but I always love walking around London, there's always some sado like me standing outside the old Marquee Club or holding up traffic walking over Abbey Road.

Carnaby St does nothing for me any more but I love soho and I knew that there were some new places off Carnaby on Newburgh St........a tiny, cobbled street. No.1 http://www.peckhamrye.com/

A real quality shop that earns its right to be in that part of town. Picked up a fab scarf (burgundy polka dot) and red paisley hanky. Scarf was £59 and hanky £27 but 100% silk and made in England. A great shop and the guy was dressed the bollocks behind the counter. His suits look the part too.........across from this was Blaqua


Great shirts if you're going for that individual, dandy look. The only thing for me is that the button down is under the collar and not visible. Still, great for a one off. The pocs on the wall illustrate the clientele there and Mr. Weller is a regular from what I've seen here on their website and their walls.

Across from this is a small, really clandestine Fred Perry shop. You would not even know its there. I passed it twice before I noticed it. The signage on the front are of hand-drawn pictures of Scooters in pencil. Inside was rare top of the range Perry gear; all knitted polos with large collars, gorgeous cycling shirts which are re-launching in a few weeks.......again, ALL clobber HALF PRICE. couldn't believe it. Picked up a nice beige polo with burgundy stiching embroided with large collar......love it.

I dismissed Pretty Green from the go but recently my reappraisal has been that some of it ain't too bad at all. So, I popped into their place on Carnaby. Again, nice sale one but after being in the other placed beforehand, their gear didn't have the same appeal. That said it was packed and some nice bits........if only I had some money..........I'm nearly thinking about getting a real job......