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Apr 4 12 3:26 PM

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Hello All,

I started a thread enquiring as to whether or not people here had any experience buying clothes from these guys. This was in relation to a STEVE knited top that I bought from a company called Modrophenia; but the top was far too long and size was all out.


Not every single person selling Mod gear is simply in it for the dollars!!! I was surprised and delighted to receive a message from Alex Banks who is founder of Art G Clothing. His marketing team spotted our thread appears that the error came from me not buying directly from Art G and from Modrophenia,a company that I had never heard of before.

Anyhow, this is the message from Alex..........

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Apr 4 12 3:27 PM

o    Hi Niall

Hope you're well?

First of all apologies for contacting you direct like this through Facebook.

I'm the owner of Art Gallery Clothing, Alex Banks (my friend Geraldine Fahey invited me to join your Irish Modernist Society Facebook group last year) . As part of our customer service we scour the web for comments both positive & negative to see where we can improve our ranges.

I was told by my marketing manager who spotted your
comments on your Irish Modernist Society forum that you'd experienced a size issue with our style STEVE (Marriott style wool button through.)

I'm guessing by looking through our customer records that you didn't buy the garment through our site: You mentioned that the site showed 38-40 for a Medium too. Can you let me know which supplier you bought the style through so i can suggest them changing their size guide?

On our site the Size Guide shows a Medium as 39" - 42"

This is only a guide & think where AGC can improve is to add text to ask the customer to contact us if they want to be sure about the sizing of a particular style.

(If we experience a repeated problem with sizes i.e. our Wapping Cord shirts are very fitted, we do contact the customer before sending out their orders.)

We also offer on our site a refund on postage costs made to send goods back where we have suggested a wrong size originally.
(& full refund if a customer doesn't want to exchange)

We appreciate buying online is a bit hit & miss & we try to be fair as possible where we've made a mistake. We can also improve by adding 'Loose Fit' & 'Fitted' text descriptions to the site too. The STEVE is a loose fit as its 'square cut' without a waistband rib. I copied the original Steve Marriott style as close as i could & if you look at the pics of Steve wearing this style its not so fitted on him. The original i was told was designed to be worn over an undergarment.
I'm guessing your size is bit like me - i'm 38 chest with the shoulders of 40" so i can wear either a Small or Medium in AGC depending on the style.

For STEVE (& LANE) i wear a Small & for example our knitted polos with a waistband hem are more fitted so i wear a Medium for it to look more comfortable.

Re: Wool Quality

I selected a machine washable 100% Soft Merino Wool
(12gg) so it would be durable for every day use. Obviously our wool is not in the John Smedley league but to be fair if John Smedley made the STEVE style today in their quality it would cost in the region of £145.00+ which is over double the full price of our style (£69.00.)
(We also offered anyone signing up to our mailing list 20% off last season so you could get the style for £55.20)

With all respect to Pop i would like to think our knit quality is in a higher leagueOur aim with AGC has always been to make an affordable collection of garments without cutting on quality.

Myself & Co Founder Chris Brookes are both obsessed
with sixties style clothes & we try our best to make sure our manufacturers follow our detail requests as close as possible. We do have plans to make a better quality range for connoisseurs like yourself.  I've recently made a sample of the STEVE style in Cashmere , which is stunning but would retail in the region of £140. Sorry again about your experience & if you're ever over in London you're welcome to come over the office to try garments on 'til we have a store of our own!


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Apr 5 12 3:02 AM

well fair play to him... thats good customer service and good business...
you would be inclined to go back to someone like that

Always checkout the shoes

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Apr 11 12 6:23 AM

BULLFROG (X.Small - Blue)

One of these arrived in the door yesterday from Art Gallery Clothing.......can't recommend it enough; top notch shirt with all the details. I've been looking for decent large check gingham shirts for a long time......the biz. Well worth checking out.....and Summer gear to be released soon.......

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