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Mar 21 12 12:06 PM

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Anyone ever get anything from this crowd........I was always a bit suspect of it......thought it looked like another POP clothing which can be hit and miss at the best of times.

Received one of their Marriott style wool tops/cardigans jaysus. I'm a medium. always have been......their medium was listed as size 38-40.......the thing was like a dress on me. When did sizes start getting so all American over here.

And quality ain't nothing special either. I promised myself a while ago that I'd stop going for cheaper options and stick with Smedleys, DNA, Mendoza and Adam. It's on its way back in the post today.....pity coz it looked nice on the website.

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Mar 22 12 1:45 AM

never got anything either, and now I wont bother, although the pics look good..
Sizes are a bugger right enough, while first dealing with DnA Groove, Claudio made me send measurements a couple of times to make sure and then sent me a shirt before I paid, a total Gent..
or maybe he knew I'm getting on a bit and needed extra help :-)

Either way it was good business as I've gone back time and time again, always top quality

Always checkout the shoes

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