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Jan 3 12 2:13 PM

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Well Happy New Year to all. Hope you had a good Xmas, etc.

Any plans for the new year????

Egg Run looks like a good weekend at the end of March with Who's Who doing Quadrophenia with The Strypes followed by Tony Class.

Norn Iron Mod Weekended at the end of March also.

John D.......I take you're heading for Glasgow in June????

I'm thinking of a NUTS weekend......maybe Brighton although their Easter do is supposed to be quite good

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One of the Faces

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Jan 5 12 3:16 AM

Happy New year to all ... 2011 was a great year for Mod in Ireland lot of Club night , gigs etc..

There plenty to head to in so far this year in Jan & Feb ,  so deciding which ones I can get to

Afterglow  28th Jan - Mods in Ireland book launch

Wheels of Soul Do Portlaoise  - 4th Feb

Retro Revial Club 11th Feb - THe Urges, Penny Dreadfuls & Stripes

For Dancers Only / Sleepless Nights - 24th Feb

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Jan 5 12 12:47 PM

Hope to go to Afterglow in Jan too, Introduce yourself if you see me...
Yes Gilly defo going to Glasgow, its my fav weekend ,Are you going?
Will try hard to get to Brighton end of August too

Always checkout the shoes

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Jan 6 12 5:31 AM

John, I usually go to London with my family t that time of old tradition going back years.....they go to watch tennis, I go shopping. But I think they're going in July this year so it is a possibility.

I'd love to get to Belfast for Jan 28th but work does it's first stock take that weekend so probably not but keeping my fingers crossed. Sleepless and For Dancers looks like a good one on Feb 24th.

The Norn Iron Mod Weekender is dependent on college, my missus' college, the wee baby of course and work. If I can juggle them, then I'd like to get up for that. I've had my on a NUTS event for a few years and Brighton seems like the obvious so certainly aiming for that one if anyone is interested.

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