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One of the Faces

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Apr 3 11 4:32 AM

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well what a weekend....struggling to come up with superlatives that adaquately express the good times over the past two days. i'll spend some time this evening collecting my thoughts amd see if i can get a cohesive review of the weekend. Big Thanks to Malcolm who kept the revellers happy on saturday night in Whelans.

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Apr 3 11 10:45 AM

Well played Joe, yourself and Malcolm did a top job on both nights keeping the dance floor packed the whole time. It was a belter of a weekend, great people, relaxed and some top tunes. I'm going to try and get some pics up so I'll do the same as Joe, gather my thoughts and write a good review.

I was in work today for 10.......I went to bed at 4 and up in the shower at half 8.........I am truly shattered surprise

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Apr 3 11 11:24 AM

Well played Joe, yourself and Malcolm did a top job on both nights keeping the dance floor packed the whole time. It was a belter of a weekend, great people, relaxed and some top tunes. I'm going to try and get some pics up so I'll do the same as Joe, gather my thoughts and write a good review.I was in work today for 10.......I went to bed at 4 and up in the shower at half 8.........I am truly shattered [image]


now gilly thats what mod is did you eat your fried egg lol

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One of the Faces

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Apr 3 11 12:08 PM

Well Modfest over and time to look back at what went on. With local, national, and international visitors it certainly was a multicultural Modernist happening. It is a great delight to see that the modernist movement that started in London over 50 years ago is still going strong and has been embraced by the world. Peter Meaden a man who doesn't get as much recognition as he should within the Modernist lifestyle would have been delighted to see how far the lifestyle has come.

The weekend was as it should have been, a gathering of mutual interests, fine clothing, individual machines that reflect the lifestyle (hats off to the guys who came on their scooters - especially the Dundalk crew, I heard it was a bit windy on the way down) all wrapped up in a plethora of musical styles to suit everyone’s needs.


...........started well with a pre event drinks reception type affair in The Karmastone (thanks to Dave Clark the owner of the bar) for coming through at the last minute and giving us the go ahead. Musically there was a bit of everything thrown in from Jazz, Soul, RnB Funk building up to a bit of Revival to get everyone in the mood. We didn’t know what was going on when the Spanish conquistadors walked through the door, it truly was a sight. Dressed to the nines, sharp suits, boating blazers and a great attitude – welcome to MODFEST.

On to the main event and in we went, upstairs in the Village a venue that I really enjoy being in and one that does great little gigs with a nice atmosphere.

Before I go any further can I just say a big thank you to Luke - sound (the base was hitting where it should have been), Bob - Lights, Litton Lane - backline and the rest of the Village technical team for a job well done, these guys after the artists and sometimes before them are the ones who make the gigs what they are and never really get any credit for what they have done, the unsung heroes if you will - well done lads beers on me next time we work together.

It was nice to have a focal point when we entered the gig in the way of projecting videos to go with the background music giving the venue a strange way of building us up before the bands came on. The Hearts came out and I have to say that my skepticism of what to expect was totally unfounded, they blew me away. There are very few bands that I rate as better live than in the studio but they were on top form and confirmed that they deserve the fan base that they have. I did not get to stay for Secret Affair unfortunately work commitments in another venue but I heard that they also were top notch and played their set with as much enthusiasm as they did back in the day. Gilly ensures me that this was Secret Affair’s third gig in Dublin in the last three years and each time they have delivered a flawless set. As soon they kicked off, the crowd went wild. Rousing chants of ‘We Are The Mods, We Are The Mods’ filled the air in-between each number. The band have been gigging quite a bit over the last number of years and that clearly showed in their performance; they made it look easy. Playing for well over an hour, plundering though the hits including “My World”, “Glory Boys”, “Sound of Confusion” and of course the house was nearly brought down to the anthem that is “Time For Action”; a pertinent soundtrack for the Modfest weekend. What really makes this band special for me is the nice touches of brass and Sax which really adds to the power of this band. After playing an encore set, a very satisfied crowd made their way out of the venue.

Moving on to the after party in The Mercantile on Dame Street, Many thanks to Joe Moran from Watusi along with Ray Gilligan from the Joseph's for arranging and providing the usual high standard of sets that you would expect from these two keeping the dance floor packed for the entire night. The event was attended by up to 200, and was warmly welcomed by all, and I believe that there were a few sore limbs the next day from the amount of dancing that was taking place. Thanks again Joe. Watusi is a club run by Joe and held in Dublin for future dates please visit the events diary of this forum for full details.


......... the day started with the afternoon acoustic session in the Harcourt Hotel (thanks to Ken from the hotel for providing us with a venue, room rates, friendly staff and having that can do attitude to help this session work) and what a session it turned out to be. The DJ sets were done by myself and Joe Moran between acts, although to be honest we didn't have much to do as the guys played well beyond what any of us hoped for. The first act was Kevin Jenning's, Kevin a sound engineer from Dublin (worked with Small Fakers amongst others) and recording studio owner gave us a set with a line up of original material written by him that went down really well, and was a good intro into the days festivities. Next to grace the floor was Ray Gilligan from the Joseph's. It was a pleasure to see Ray ever the professional musician walking up sitting down, plugging in the guitar and getting down to business. No delusions of grandeur as with some artists, just a guy with an air of honesty and a personality that everyone would warm to; a true gent. Ray’s set was full of numbers that nearly everyone knew; a mix of Joseph’s numbers mixed with nice cover versions of bands such as The Small Faces. The Spanish contingent were loving the day more and more as it progressed, even with the language barrier you could not fail to see their admiration for the set that Ray played, "80's Dublin Mod! something new every day" I think was the quote from Cayo. A fantastic set Ray and a pleasure to have worked with you, thanks again for all your support during this weekend. With Ray’s set over it was time for Colin Doyle to grace us with his talent and what a talent it is (this is the highlight of the weekend for me), his first tune out the way and you could just tell by the reaction of the crowd that this set was going to be a blinder - and it was!!!! (I feel sorry for people who were not there). Colin played tunes from The Who, The Jam etc and even some original material written by him and other members of the Modfathers. Two songs stuck out in particular to me from his set:

    The first track is Love Reign O'er Me by the Who, a fantastic track taken from Townshend's Quadrophenia concept album. If you look closely enough within the dramatic arrangement for this track you find that it relies heavily on effects, drums and piano for the intro, a great mixture of lead guitar (with reverb) and violin solos throughout, a deep bass line that just keeps going and drums that give the track some real depth and of course Daltrey's vocal. If you take one of the instruments let alone all of them out how could you possibly cover this acoustically? I wouldn't know even where to start, but hey it was done, and done to almost perfection acoustically in a small room by someone who I think actually understands the track, and plays it with the passion that it deserves. I was watching the crowd for most of this track and everyone was focused on Colin, I don't think I seen a word spoken. Track of the weekend for me.

   The next track is Eton Riffles by the Jam, now I know that Colin and the Modfathers do play Jam covers within their sets, but even Colin was unsure if Eton Riffles would work acoustically. Colin asked the crowd for any requests and somebody shouted ‘Eton Rifles’, probably expecting the request to be dismissed, as playing such a powerful track on acoustic would prove arduous if not impossible. Colin took a swig of beer and launched straight into it, the epitome of cool. It was undoubtedly the number of the set and the afternoon for many as it was a request and off the cuff. Crowd involvement for the chorus, a very raw vocal and fantastic display of guitar skills encompassing the rhythm and bass together. Colin finished to rapturous applause and I'm sure with some new admirers from the continent. The afternoon session over, and off to the Village for the main event. Thanks Colin, as ever the gent and a pleasure to work with.

All the acts at the afternoon session donated their time and musical talent for free. It is at times like these that I am refreshed to see that there are still people out there who believe that the Modernist lifestyle is not about money, its about sharing a mutual interest in all things - in this case the music. I can not thank the guys enough, you certainly made the weekend for me as it was done from the heart and not for commercial profit - RESPECT.

Getting used to this, venue to venue hopping (it's like being back at work but at least this time I'm getting to enjoy myself). The Village was a lot busier from the word go for the main acts tonight, the buzz in the venue could be felt as soon as you walked into the room. The Lambrettas came on and although playing a shorter set than normal played out of their skins, classic tracks, crowd chorus's and even a walk into the midst of the fans it was like it had all been rehearsed in the sound check, a well oiled team of musicians. I enjoyed the set the lads gave us and thought it was well constructed, blending a good choice of songs condensed into a short set. A quick bit of fresh air and in for round two. From The Jam came onto the stage and were greeted with the respect that they deserve. Opening up and playing away it became apparent that Bruce was not happy with his Marshall's amps and had a few words with the backline crew. He seemed less than pleased as the problem seemed to continue, but ever the professional they continued on and made the best out of a bad situation. I was delighted when they did "Little Boy Soldiers" my personal favourite. Unfortunately I could not stay for the full set as I had the after party to attend to, however when I left the room it was now bouncing up and down in full karaoke mode, and loving every minute of FTJ. The band continued on and played a few numbers as part of the encore. An outstanding “Town Called Malice” had every pair of legs moving in the venue. A great way to finish the live bands section of Modfest.

The after party was held in Whelan's and was hosted by myself (Back to Basics) and aided by Mr Joe Moran. The room was well suited for the event with enough room for dancing, socialising, standing around and even just out the door for the fresh air breaks. The music played ranged right from original Modernist Jazz, Ska, RnB, Funk, Soul, Northern, Modernist, Revival, Garage, Gospel and a fair bit of Hammond. The night was over before we knew it and unfortunately we did not get to every request due to the amount that we received. Northern Soul appeared to go down quite well (well what some would call northern but others would call soul/RnB) as a few shirts looked liked they required changing sooner rather than later. A good time was had by all I believe as I did not hear any negative comments back ref the weekend. So there we go, Saturday over and Modfest came to an end at 03:00hrs Sunday morning. Talking to a few of the Spanish outside and invites are abound for August in Alicanti for Modernist Summer Party. They asked me to pass on there best and could not thank us enough for a tremendous weekend. 

Well that’s it everyone; Modfest is over and the feedback is great. I would love to hear other reviews of the weekend, you never know we may run another later in the year and all ideas and criticisms are welcome.

Keep the Faith

Malcolm & Gilly

Irish Modernist Society

"I don't want to be like everyone else, thats why I'm a mod see"

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One of the Faces

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#7 [url]

Apr 4 11 3:03 AM

cheers lads, for a brill weekend.

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One of the Faces

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#8 [url]

Apr 4 11 3:20 AM

Cheers lads for such a great weekend, Thanks to Joe & Malcolm for the Djing and the all the Acts on the afternoon session.

Top weekend great to catch up with so many on here.

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One of the Faces

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#10 [url]

Apr 4 11 5:15 AM

Brilliant job lads. Have to say its a long time since I had such a good weekend.
Malcolm thats a great review. I was having memory losses about the weekend but that brought it back.
Again well done to Malcolm ,Joe and Gilly without your work lads the weekend would not have been a great sucess.

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Suited and Booted

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#13 [url]

Apr 7 11 10:43 AM

Brillant review reflecting a brillant weekend, well done to all involved...professional approach from start to finish.

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