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Mar 21 11 1:40 PM

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The Universal played Belfast at the weekend , myself and my good mate Jake made the trip up.
where we met Marty Mac and his sexy Mrs up there.
we positioned ourselves in a good vantage point and Jake got the drinks in.wink
The Band came on about 10.45, and to tell you the truth I did'nt know much about them except for some stuff on youtube.
But forget youtube as it does'nt do them any justice, they were full of ENERGY and, PASSION.
So refreshing, a new band with origional material with a nod to The Jam and The Who.
actualy the only cover they did was at the end when the did a rousing version of "The Seeker"(The Who).
so to sum up, if you get a chance dont miss them, especialy if you like your live music LOUD.
they had nothing with them for sale but are not far of finishing a new album.
defo worth checking out. and they seem nice lads too very friendly

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Mar 21 11 1:58 PM

Super stuff John, they sound like a cracking good band. I've heard some great stuff about them. Love the pics too......looks like a good turn out of the Belfast crew. Was there DJ's too?

Love yourself and Marty's suits. Are they tailored or DNA???

And yes John, Mrs McAllister looks very sexy indeeddevil.......isn't that right Marty????? wink

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Mar 21 11 2:15 PM

Cheers Gilly.
yes there were dj's too, and they added to the whole atmosphere.
great wee venue, I thought. some sharp Mods, good music, what else do you need.

I could tell you where I got my jacket Gilly, but then I'd have to kill youdevil
nah its a tkmaxx find and then I had it altered, think Marty's is tailored.
some young Mods there too which is heartening

Always checkout the shoes

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Mar 22 11 3:03 PM

This TK Maxx must be the bizz and I'm just missing it. On the young blood there at gigs, there does always seem to be some young people there at Mod do's in Belfast. I've noticed a group of about 4 or 5 lads there at gigs up there with the real long Weller hair cuts. Whatever you may think about the hair it's great to see people in their teens and early 20's involved in it.

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Mar 23 11 1:42 AM

There certainly is some new interest......maybe not a Mod Revival but maybe a Britpop Revival?? There's a thread up on modculture asking the same question?? Great to seee bands like Universal and The Moons coming through.

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One of the Faces

Posts: 125

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Mar 25 11 6:21 AM

Nice one John that looked like a really good gig. I have to say I really like the Universal. Nice to hear that ther is some new blood around. Was at weller last November and have to say that there was a few young weller heads around to.
Are many of the belfast lads coming down for modfest next week?

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Mar 25 11 2:16 PM

Donie not sure of numbers but I do know some are.
cant make it myself as I'm going to London.
so have'nt really been chatting to anyone up here about itfor that reason.

Always checkout the shoes

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One of the Faces

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#9 [url]

Mar 26 11 9:09 AM

yeah i heard there are a few faces coming down. theres also a contingent from Spain too so should be a good melting pot of Mods/Modernists

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Mar 26 11 11:31 AM

Yeah, I got an email from Dino in Belfast and there seems to be a few heads coming down as well as a contingent from England. Should be a good crew. Looking forward to it.

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One of the Faces

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#11 [url]

Apr 4 11 9:40 AM

far play john nice little write up and great photos

its not what you know it's who you know in a smalltown

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