Jan 29 11 4:06 AM

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A big hello to all who have decided to join this forum.

We have tried to set this forum up as a community for all individuals within Ireland who are into all things modernist. We believe that it is not one complete package that makes a person who he is but lots of individual choices that make him or her stands out from the norm.

If you believe that you are the ultimate mod; the 'ace face' if you will, then I am afraid that this forum is not for you. Where as we welcome all views and opinions of each individual member we would appreciate it if members could refrain from taking things to far. If for any reason someone decides to target others on this forum they will be removed without question. We were all new to this lifestyle at one point in our past, lets welcome new members and individuals with an interest in our lifestyle.

It would also be appreciated if we could all refrain from the use of foul language on this forum, after all it is a place for us all to get together and swap our story's, musical likes - dislikes etc and not a school playground.

All that apart I hope that you like what we are trying to achieve here.

Remember it is for all of us lets not ruin that.