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May 3 13 4:42 AM

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Hello All,

To think that The Who are coming to Dublin with Quadrophenia and there is NOTHING organised for before or after the gig. NOTHING. I'm up to my eyes in exams at the mo but I have approached a good few people who run regular nights and for some reason there is no interest or some other reason. Usually Dublin has two to three events on every weekend but apart from the Dig the New Breed night on the Friday 7th June in Thomas House, there is nothing on.......any suggestions

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One of the Faces

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May 3 13 1:25 PM

Them boys up North know how to put on a gig . If there was a gig on the bus was collecting us after it,dont want to be going home after The Who ,i will be wired upgrin

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May 6 13 11:17 AM

I'll be at the gig too........Paul, Bar in the Odyssey Complex will be doing Mod choons before and after Who gig....Lambretta promtions/Neiler is doing it. I'll get the flyer and stick it up

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Jun 7 13 1:27 PM

Thanks Collie.....good to know. Sorry I  missed your call, was in the zoo with little one. Will buzz you tomorrow about a pre-gig pint. They're not everyone's cup of tea but tomorrow a groups of lads from West London that had a seminal influence on the Mod scene are playing Dublin; gotta be excited by that. What amazes me more is that it's almost 50 years on from when these geezas played to Mods in London. To all that are going, enjoy every minute of it and catch a few of yez at Grand Central afterwards

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Jun 7 13 1:32 PM

Just found the same email in my junk mail Collie....

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