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Mar 3 13 1:34 PM

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My missus ain't a Mod. That said, she like some of the fashion, loves a bit of the 60's bands such as Who, Kinks and Small Faces; she does like a bit of Tamla and enjoys the Soul stuff but she fuckin hates; HATES Mod revival bands; ALL of them.

Reading a nice piece on them in this months Record Collector and it certainly appears that the Revival bands were cursed even before they had begun. While The talent of The Jam seemed to see them through the period without getting tarnished, Merton Parkas, Chords, Purple Hearts, Lambrettas, Secret Affair all got it in the ass for being plastic and cliche??? From reading what some of the bands said, it appears to be not far off the mark. Most of the bands only found out they were a 'mod' band when they read about it in the musical papers. Most were interested in playing some guitar fuelled post-punk music......but the question is, why didn't the 2-Tone bands recieve the same backlash from the media for being revivalists???

I have to say, I am no big fan of the that particular genre of Mod with the exception of a few Chords and Purple Hearst is just too far removed from the original Soul and R'n'B sound of the original movement. The Who and Kinks just about got away with it but as Ian Paige correctly points out "a mod from 1963 wouldn't even recognise a mod from 1979. And of course, that movie gets plenty of blame for the dismissal of Mod Revival. Personally, I much prefer Makin Time or Prisoners but what is it cursed that era of music which o the face of it, was quite an exciting period in pop music????

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One of the Faces

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Mar 3 13 2:33 PM

Talking about the missus ,mine was never into any type of mod music until last week in belfast she really
enjoyed it.
Revival bands dont listen to them anymore, But i do like the Chords and Nine Below Zero.

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Mar 3 13 3:32 PM

a good one Gilly, I'm in two minds as I loved all the bands mentioned back in the day. I remember the music press slating everything mod related, which as a young fella used to piss me off .. But I dont think any of the so called revival bands stand the test of time, with the exception of Nine below Zero .. the next wave of Mod with bands like The Prisoners, Makin Time, Fast Eddie, The Times, the Moment were far superior.. But in saying that were bands like Secret Affair , The Chords, and even the much miligned Merton Parkas giving a fair crack of the whip?? they all had some decent tunes. just maybe not the substance..
As I said I'm in 2 minds , but when going to Mod clubs I would'nt want to hear anything by them so maybe that says it all :-)
and the recent reincarnation of Secret Affair is in my opinion pathetic... they look terrible and just have no passion , same goes for Purple Hearts... 
We've all moved on , as thats the Mod thing to do,a nod to the past with an eye on the future..

Always checkout the shoes

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Got me parka now

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Mar 4 13 3:59 AM

Loved the chords but the rest of 'em never did anything for me I have to say.

I remember hearing you need wheels by merton parkas and thinking how utterly dreadful it was. Around the same time a family friend gave me a load of 45's from his days as a mod so that was the die cast for me.

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