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Jan 15 13 6:25 AM

I was at that gig myself John.....was it not 2002?......was a cracker and a great night in Derry

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Jan 16 13 8:10 AM

Because I was fuckin Blocked kid grindevilgrin.......on the hooch all days falling from one pub to the other on Waterloo St.......couple that with about 6 tins of Harp that I had on the walk out from the city to Prehen Fields........that fucker Liam went off due to a soar throat and then came roaring back on the encore of 'My Generation'.......what a twat I thought.

Anyhow wouldn't have liked me back then.......plastic Mod era and all that. I was wearing a parka jacket from River Island surprisesurprise

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Suited and Booted

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Jan 22 13 8:18 AM

Gilly- Never a truer word spoken! Just heard on the latest We are the Mods that they have offered Mr. Slater (the design cheir at PG) on to the show to debate and defend his comments in light of the obvious bait and hook for mods (Quad shoot etc). This could get interesting. Apparently they were offended by the posts. F** 'em.

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Jan 23 13 2:35 PM

I hope they are offended as we are offended by their fecking prices..
I enjoyed listening to the gen 1 Mod on this podcast and the young nottingham Mods..

Always checkout the shoes

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